CES 2015: Two Lightweight Mobile Phones

Keep it light this year and next with these light weight mobile phones by Blu and Lenovo.


So Here is Now

And soon to be D’Florr magazine. Where I will share my thoughts on design and transitioning into life as a designer. I will be writing and composing articles about once a day about a particular subject that has to do with design, being a student and transitioning in thought and identity as a designer. I will also be covering other articles that strike up conversation and intrigue in creative and design thought. I know I haven’t been composing any original articles for at least a couple months. This is because I am busy back tracking and shifting through all my content on Pinterest (Which you can catch me on with the link icons at the bottom of the left-side header of this blog) and also my personal Facebook account in participation and preparation for this change in my online re-branding.

What A Life

So yeah, I had been living in Los Angeles now just about two months. It feels great! Liberating in another way, that is seemingly more intense and involves making and improving that commitment. I have been wanting to see myself get out there and run more often, But I don’t have anyone to do this with, and plus, none of the appropriate fitness wear that is comfortable enough to do this sort of work out in.

My last trip to Runyon Canyon, was a bit troublesome and woke me up to the reality that I was going to be a bit unsafe and being a lone most of the time, that it touched on that fear of being alone on a hill with a bunch of other people. I’m Usually okay and do things outside and through my activities well enough. the Confused and hateful little man that was at one of the landings made it this way for me. I stood my ground and hadn’t at all bought into its confrontation. Instead I just instinctively kept going instead of taking a stop to take a few moments for the view. Non the less, It made me scared for my life.

My apartment is getting there. Albeit collecting a lot of dust and I have to constantly be cleaning it, it seems since I do leave windows and my fan on most times so that it stays at a relative temperature to be comfortable. Its fun because I have to remember to lock and close doors, clean up after myself, and maintain a functioning apartment. I love the feeling right now of having a quick cleaning bust and at the end of the night looking at my hardwood floors, laying in bed, gleaming clean.

I’m finding more and more that my focus on all these different social networks are a little less important. It used to feel more like a constant. A trend I am seeing though, Is that its moved to a more visual platform. So Most of my using of Pinterest, Instagram and a little Tumblr. It took AT&T three weeks to finally get in and turn on my telephone line which allowed my week late router/moden to finally switch on and connect me to U-Verse Internet. Its good for what I have now which is only my Mobile Moto-X Android phone. This means Ive been doing a lot of Youtub and Netflix.

On the social side it’s picking up in varied shifts, as due last time when I was more active going out all the time and hours of the night. The focus on my social life today, has been about finding friends and finding loyalty to where My hangouts are going to be, what I like and don’t like. There is more focused content in my social media strategy, than before. One weird thing about this is that there was a lot of recognizably more self training on Impulse and some maturing thoughts on a focus and path. Like settling down. I think?

So….My lease is one year and its co-signed by a parent. I’m really skittish for a few things because of it. Its taking care of me though. The employment and income stream is still being worked out. Tired of only factoring the virtual with the actual reality of what my life is. Future minds and growing older. Yes….

Fashion, Beauty and Pain: What the Fuck?

As a person who both loves and rivals for the fashion in all of us. Its random to me to find tat fashion is an art form and a way to show ow we experience and live our lives. We relate to its nuances and devour the very fabrics of its making like a sweets binge with our closest friends after a breakup! May be the wrong metaphors but who cares about that.

As my cup of hot tea scalds my thighs sitting between my legs, Wink to Sophie there, that it can be simple or as complex and beautiful as to bring tears to our eyes. The fashion is pain phenomena that I was just made aware of in assumption to its implications. Its much like our scalding tea between the legs or the simple exposure that it enthrals to us based on any amount of lifestyle or way of make to how it showcases our relationship with our bodies, sexualities and our seemingly instantaneous social connection with others.

Fort Mason and the Road to LA…Okay maybe just LA!

So today it turns out……

In other news…Sophie Tweed Simmons Yes, If you don’t know these guys, Well, Damn if you’ve heard of Kiss, announces on World Lifestyle that

 I, like every girl my age or any age for that matter, spend a ridiculous amount of time on social media admiring the images of “perfect women.” They are effortlessly chic and thin and impossibly fashionable.

Feel at some moments that she had a size two and then just right out being okay with what ever fucking body she has! And eating and treating herself. God Damn….And did you see her….She looks like me in those torn off jean shorts….Except mine are whiter….Like a white trash we like to call Joe Dirt! Ring a bell

Yeah, We all know, it’s usually the same gambit with most women. Twigs is what I like to call them. But what the fuck is wrong with Thigh Gaps anyway. It’s like an opening gate to the weeeee….. part! Which reminds me, there’s something going on with Lady Gaga too…Seen her stanching that killer psychedelic look at her LA #ArtRAVE tour? Have you seen her lately?





Oh yeah Its been a while that I have been talking to you bitches but thats because this has been happening…


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